I’m proudly introducing and exhibiting to all my family & friends in California: “Caos on Canvas” (September 21 & 22 @ Find Art Gallery – Newport Beach)










CAOS ON CANVAS was idealized and curated by Didu Losso (Fine Art Painter & Curator), Fábio Pimentel (Tattoo Artist) e Heverton Ribeiro (Photographer) based on family values, true friendship, honor, respect and loyalty.

It is an art project compound of three actions in its first edition: the first one, an art exhibition in São Paulo (Brazil) that happened may 17th; the second an art exhibition in California (Newport Beach) at Find Art Gallery september 21 & 22; the third, a release of a limited and numbered book in Brazilian’s Fashion Week. In its content there is a wide variety art forms from traditional japanese painting transcending to contemporary art.

All the artists were carefully selected and invited by the curators in person by the quality of their work and merit as well the skateboarders that appear on the pictures. Among them are painters, tattoos artists, graffiti artists, illustrators, designers and photographers making more interesting and comprehensive the universe of artistic possibilities, always respecting the old school, valuing its roots and bringing opportunity to the new school of artists.

Caos on Canvas was created by a passion for creativity and a counter culture attitude in the world of visual arts combining hard work and sweat we’ve all been putting into our garage years and the photographs were printed on high quality canvas type. The format of the original artwork symbolizes that with discipline and perseverance success is achieved but stimulating total freedom of expression of copyright works inside the canvas.

“You can’t buy Respect … You must earn it”


Photography by: Heverton Ribeiro (Skateboarder Magazine & Cold Skateboard)

Featuring Original Art by:

Adriano Ricardi, Carol Pimentel, Carrô Schamall, Chivitz, Didu Losso, Fábio Pimentel, Kaoru Ito, Marco Ogg Lelo, Luis Gordo, Marcelo Xue, Mateus Loschi, Maurício Teodoro, Roberta Calderini, Rodrigo Yasuda, Sesper, Tom Toledo

Athletes that appear on the pictures:

Tony Alva, Christian Hosoi, Bob Burnquist, Duane Peters, Rodrigo Petersen, Ray Barbee, Daewon Song, Pedro Barros, Rodrigo TX, Andre Genovesi


© All rights reserved

Contact: Didu Losso

email: didulosso@hotmail.com


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